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Taking a look at Internal Rate of Return

September 7, 2010


After reading “Introduction to Internal Rate of Return (IRR)” by J Scott I decided to take a deeper look into IRR. I have learned the subject in school before, but I have forgotten its definition and purpose. I happened to come across the following interactive tutorials by Prof. Samuel L. Baker of University of South […]

Determining your desired CAP Rate

August 14, 2010


I was browsing through BiggerPockets forum and I came across a referral to an article explaining how to derive YOUR own CAP rate: What’s it Worth?- Deriving YOUR Capitalization Rate by Ray Alcorn. Why would you want to derive your own CAP rate? Because the CAP rate is the most popular way to gauge the […]

Types of Financing

August 9, 2010


I realized this week that getting financing from traditional lenders is not easy. Thus, this weekend I spent a considerable amount of time in front of my laptop searching for different types of financing. I came across a blog called Rev N You which contained a list of articles focused on financing. I would recommend […]